Jack White, photograph by Philipp Ebeling

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remember when jack forgot how to sing missing pieces

Anonymous asked: What is up with that question?Jack would never hit a woman,that's rude. I think Jack is taking a break and focusing more on this tour,album and he's children.Jack does not need anymore drama

I think that anon was referring to this article cuz that happened all less than a year ago but I feel like I’m spreading rumors and gossip so that’s all I’m gonna say~

Anonymous asked: is jack currently dating someone then? i know he broke up with his wife because of abuse or something but i was wondering whether he has someone else now

Honestly idek :/ that abuse thing wasn’t true tho I don’t think, i think it was Karen’s lawyer who said that but I’m not 100%

Anonymous asked: Is Jack and Alison a couple?Because if they are we be the happiest fans ever plus Alison is beautiful and shes such sweetheart. I'm happy you got to meet her :)

lol nah they’re not together but it would be cute if they were (altho I like the idea of her with jamie more oops lol) but thank you! Yeah she is the nicest ever and I’m in love with her *sigh*

neon-skeletons asked: Thank you so much for making that gif set of alison at jack's RSD gig!! It's too cute to be true and I needed that in my life!!! Have a wonderful day :) x

oh no problem!!!! shes the cutest ever *sigh* have a good day too!!!!!!

too lazy to make a gif of jack giving that kid the money in the video so just imagine that i did it


Lazaretto single cover.